Dibs Community Guidelines

Last updated: 2019-03-19

Welcome to the Dibs online platform and service! Please read these Community Guidelines (the “Agreement”) carefully. Your use of the Service (as defined below) constitutes your consent to this Agreement.

This guide explains how on Dibs (hereafter “Dibs”, “our,” “we,” or “us”) we expect the people using the platform to conduct themselves. This set of guidelines is a joint effort between us and the communities we are serving, and governs how we expect you to use our website, mobile applications and other online services (collectively, the “Dibs Service”) or when you otherwise interact with us.

Dibs is based on trust. Please act with integrity.

Dibs is designed to make it easier than ever to find great deals in your community, but we can’t do it alone. Every exchange requires trust. Please accurately and fairly represent yourself and the items you’re exchanging on Dibs. Attempts to deceive or defraud users are not tolerated.

Prohibited conduct:

Dibs is more than a service, it’s a community.

We built a community around letting go of old stuff, but we think it’s important to hang onto the values you learned as a kid. We’re talking about the basics: treat others as you’d like to be treated and do what you say you will. Remember, most of the people you talk to on Dibs are your peers.

Prohibited conduct:

Prohibited items include:

We follow the law, and you should too.

It’s your responsibility to understand all laws where you live and to make sure your activity on Dibs is legal. For example, you may need to make sure it’s legal for you to buy or sell your item.

Prohibited conduct:

Understand and respect our Prohibited Items guidelines:

Please read and respect our prohibited items guidelines, but most importantly, use common sense. If you wouldn’t sell it to your aunt, it’s not for Dibs. This list covers most of what isn’t allowed, but we’ll remove any item we feel is harmful to the Dibs community.

Adult content

Leave some things to the imagination. Sexual content, adult toys or other items that include explicit nudity are not allowed on Dibs.

Prohibited items include:

Drugs & alcohol

We know all the great deals you find on Dibs will make your head spin, but the products shouldn’t to do the same. Dibs isn’t a place to sell drugs or alcohol, even if it’s legal to do so in your jurisdiction.

Prohibited items include:


Whether you’re an amazing DJ in your free time, or are known as that friend who can fix anything, you can turn your passion into a profession by offering your service to others on Dibs. However, we currently don’t allow some professional services like legal, financial, or most medical services. Additionally, you can’t offer to do something illegal for someone else - like unlocking their phone. See below for a list of prohibited services.

Prohibited services include:


We don’t allow spam on our app - not the meat product and not the annoying, untargeted behavior that clogs up the internet. Don’t repeatedly post the same products, and don’t start a conversation with someone unless you're actually interested in buying their item.

Prohibited items include:

Weapons and Other Dangerous Items

Your safety will always be Dibs’s top priority. That’s why we prohibit dangerous items like firearms, fireworks, or items that have been widely reported.

Prohibited items include:


The policies above cover most of what isn’t allowed, but are not exhaustive. We’ll remove any item we feel is harmful to the Dibs community. Other prohibited items that are commonly posted are listed below.

Prohibited items include:

If you have comments or concerns, please let us know at info@getdibs.app and we will get back to you!